Thursday, August 22, 2013

how to be top of social system

Hey guys! so basically i assume that you are having problems with some kind of social situation, then you want to change that you dont deserve this anyway, luckily you find a very good guidelines for you to follow, then dont blame me if you become more appreciable to people around you.

social system
first things first
dont be serious, be un-serious (in social situations)
the thing is in most social (actually pretty much all social) situations, you really dont need to be serious, because people in social situations pretty much want to find something fun. serious cause you things such as anxiety, afraid, bitch butterfly, and sort of things. im sure you know how to be un-serious, if you still feel that anxiety, then you still in serious mode, you already know that. you dont have to be dumb, you know the calibration, just feel it.

sometimes you really have to FORCE yourself to be in un-serious mode.

you already know this im sure and the benefits of this too, you just have to DO this, but un-serious first, and be Proactive. (do this just for making courtesy, if that person dont respond, walk away, dont have to mind that just for making courtesy)

do what people do
you know that to fade into system is to be in system, which means you need to do what people do to be in the system. if people hang out, hang out, if people do sports, do sports.

be FUN
how to be fun? is to be un-serious first, then seek good moment, because not all situations can be fun, so relax, maybe they not in good mood. its kinda seeking locker key combination.

realize that you dont deserve any types of bully or depreciating behavior from other people, but dont do mad, just feel that disappointment and say kinda "whats your problem?" but first, un-serious.

describe what are you when the time is right
probably they will see things in you that makes them creep out was an awesome things, they will open their eyes as you having reason, then they follow you. the other probably is they sleep when you finish describing.

do these things help you out? let me know what you think with commenting down below alright?